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SharePoint: How to Restore a SharePoint Site from a Database Backup

     From time to time I restore the Web-application I’m working on from the SQL-backup of database of production server. The main reason for that is to have the actual local environment and to make sure that a new functionality I’ve implemented will work correctly on production server with actual data. Our production server and developer machines are in one domain and for this case the usual sequence of actions is:

  1. Restore backup into a new database using Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio;
  2. Create a new Web-application (Central Administration->Application Management->Create or extend Web application->Create a new Web application):
    • scroll to “Database Name and Authentication”-section and replace Database Name (generated by default) with the name of just created database;
    • scroll to “Application Pool”-section and make sure that a security account for a new application pool has the required permissions on the content database you’ve recovered;
  3. Go to restored Site Collection Administrators (Central Administration->Application Management->Site collection administrators) of just created Web-application and check that they are valid in the new environment, if not, replace them with valid ones;
  4. [Optional] Here some people suggest doing stsadm –o upgrade –inplace –url http://<just created web application url>, but I don’t, because everything works fine in my case;

Happy restoring!

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