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SharePoint: Shutdown SharePoint Services

July 20th, 2016 No comments

    Not working with SharePoint and to release some computer resources, I use the simple .bat-file listed below to stop all (hopefully) SharePoint services (let me know if I miss any).

The SC command communicates with the Service Controller and allows performing operations over the installed services (configuring services, retrieving their current status, stopping and starting ones, and so forth).

REM Stop SharePoint 2010 Administration, 
REM which performs administrative tasks for SharePoint
sc stop SPAdminV4

REM Stop SharePoint 2010 Timer, 
REM which sends notifications and performs scheduled tasks for SharePoint
sc stop SPTimerV4

REM Stop SharePoint 2010 Tracing, which manages trace output
sc stop SPTraceV4

REM Stop SharePoint 2010 User Code Host, 
REM which executes user code in a sandbox
sc stop SPUserCodeV4

REM Stop SharePoint 2010 VSS (SharePoint Volume Shadow Copy Service) Writer, 
REM which is used for backing up and restoring data
sc stop SPWriterV4

REM Stop SharePoint Foundation Search V4, 
REM which provides full-text indexing and search to SharePoint user and help content
sc stop SPSearch4

REM Stop SharePoint Server Search 14, 
REM which provides enhanced full-text indexing and search capabilities and 
REM is intended to replace the SharePoint Foundation Search
sc stop OSearch14

REM Launcher for Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 Document Conversions Services
sc stop DCLauncher14

REM Load Balancer for Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 Document Conversions Services
sc stop DCLoadBalancer14

REM Service for analyzing user behaviour
sc stop WebAnalyticsService

In my case the .bat-file usually has the following continuation to stop SQL Server services either

REM SQL Full-text Filter Daemon Launcher
sc stop MSSQLFDLauncher

REM SQL Server

REM SQL Server Agent

REM SQL Server Analysis Services
sc stop MSSQLServerOLAPService

REM SQL Server Browser
sc stop SQLBrowser

REM SQL Server Reporting Services 
sc stop ReportServer

REM SQL Server VSS Writer
sc stop SQLWriter